Finally got The New Atkins For A New You

Yeah, I got my book and have been reading it constantly. I have been trying to stay non carb except what is in salad veggies, cream, flax seed. I am down around 14 pds over the last three weeks but none for the last three days.

What I have done is receive steady blood sugars, exercising again, sleeping deeply for the first time in forever, and no low blood sugar crashed. So I hope the weight starts moving but am pretty happy on what has happened in the last week of Atkins.

Any of you have suggestions, I always love to learn.

And if any of you have loved ones with diabetes, you just gotta tell them about the New Atkins for a New You. And then again, I’d read this book before you end up diabetic.

I know this is short, but I’ve written this three times and it would not post. Tomorrow is another day.

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Well, even though I lost another 2.7 pds, I found out I’m still not doing this correctly.

All the info I’ve been getting on this Atkins and Keto Diet has been through the net. That said, I haven’t gotten the ‘whole’ story. I’m learning that at least for the first 14 days, I need to be much stricter with carbs. I was probably eating around 30 gms a day instead of under the required 20gms.. How quickly I was getting careless. So I’m going to go to thrift store and see if I can find the books I need. I don’t know if this is day five or not. I mean I feel much better, but wasn’t doing it correctly. Onward ho.

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Day Three – Ketogenic Diet and feeling great.

This morning I weighed in and was down a half pound. I am  now down around 12 pcs short of three weeks. I have been restricting my diet since I was 12 years. The worst was when  I went on Optifast a year ago and after an injury, I gain it all back.  So my point  is that  most people should not go by my fat loss timetable.

To prove it, a family member has been doing this with me and has lost 10 pcs in 2 days.

But better than weight loss is the fact that this morning I got up feeling clear minded and o mm my mildly tired. And I woke up at 5 a.m. And without an alarm, I might add. 

Today I am looking up some recipes so that I can have some fresh ideas of meals to make. Last night I took Diet Ocean Spray juice and and plain unflavored, unsweetened gelatin then topped it with whipped cream. It was really good. Kids liked it better than packaged stuff. Tonight I will make cream cheese clouds that I found on a web site. It’s just cream cheese, vanilla, Stevie. Whip until fluffy then drop onto cookie sheet. Freeze.





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I’ve learned by the 4th day doing the keto diet, I gotta be honest

So if I’m really going to make this my lifestyle and have even gone so far as to set up a blog about it, then I’d better be honest posting. Yesterday, I didn’t post and this is why. 

I’ve been trying so hard to go Vegan. Everything I have read said it was the best thing to do if especially one has diabetes. But now I see why it’s not for me. I have an extremely low tolerance to carbs.

But on with my story about not blogging. In short, I was exhausted from not eating healthy. Yesterday was Costco day. Spent an hour at least of trying to get all the things I need for this keto  diet but when I got to the checkout stand, low and behold, my check had not gone through electronically.  So here I am with all these perishables and (a phone that went dead). 

No funds meant- NO cash,NO GASOLINE -and I was on empty, and most of all NO HOT DOG!

 Can’t say what I was most upset about. But I haven’t eaten a hotdog in I don’t know how long. Please, lets not talk about them not being healthy. At least for this morning. So anyways, I worked the money problem out, the dead phone situation, the gas, and MY BELOVED HOT DOG.

Why am I telling you this? Just this second I thought of Paul in the Bible when he says all things are permissible, but not all things are A GOOD IDEA. And I think he was talking about me eating a hot dog (minus the bun) especially when that’s all you eaten in an  eight hour span. By two p.m. I completely melted down and didn’t get dinner until seven pm.

So the moral to the story is even if you haven’t eaten a hot dog in ten years, at least eat a salad before you dive in. 

So today I’m going to plan my meals, eat on program and stay minimal as possible with recipes. Stick to the simple breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And take my food with me, hot dog if I want, so that I have a plan and not flying by the seat of my pants. 

Long story

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Third Day of Ketogenic Diet

This is the third day I’ve woke up at 5 am without an alarm. My mind is clear unlike the horrid, weak, befuddled, sugar-laden mornings I used to have. Except for the mild headache, I am feeling better and better.

I’ve always counted calories and fat, so forgetting all that and looking at only the carbs and serving sizes is new for me.

Little sweet blueberries have a lot more carbs than strawberries. Almond butter has carbs which I didn’t expect. I can see where there are so many things that kept my blood sugar screaming out of control on it’s roller coaster rails.  No wonder I felt horrible. Also, I’m starting to remember back to all the dieticians that said to limit my syrup on pancakes.

Pancakes? Eeeegads. I, a diabetic, shouldn’t have had syrup much less the white flour pancakes to begin with. Eat a little of everything? Eeeegads! No wonder I was on two different type of meds for diabetes.

You know, seeing how unbelievably good I am starting to feel has its drawbacks. Because I’m starting to get real angry at the medical care I’ve received over the last 11 years since diagnosed with diabetes.  Not to mention me complaining 15 years before that of hypoglycemia.

Well, I am going to arm myself with as much knowledge as I can and help hopefully one person with what I gleam.  I’ll also post the info (when I get better at wordpress) of where you can read it first hand and thus make up your own mind.

All I can say is this is the best I’ve felt since I don’t know when and this program producing normal blood sugars in just days proves what I’m saying. The ketogenic diet is good for the diabetic and NOT eating carbs or sugar is the only way to get your life back again.

Yesterday on my first post, I listed Youtube sites where you can listen to videos about Dr. Erik Westman.

Today, I went on the web to look for some recipes and found Dr. Atkins site. His induction phase is listed and how to use it and what to eat. It is —

Years ago, I dismissed the Atkins Diet mostly because there was so much backlash about it no being healthy. Well, even my doctor says he doesn’t understand fully how my cholesterol will get better, but that it will. We will see when I return in three months.  Can’t wait to post that since I just had my labs done this past Sunday.  I’ll be able to see a real difference. 

Last but no least, I have not been taking diabetic meds for probably 8 years at least. So going on this program was not a problem for me as it would be for someone who is taking medication. In one of Dr. Erik Westman’s lectures he says that he cuts meds in half on the first day of doing the Ketogenic Diet.  So if you are on meds, you will need to see your doctor first so that you can adjust your meds appropriately.


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Going from Paleo to ketogenic diet w/ fantastic results

Going from Paleo to ketogenic diet w/ fantastic results

I decided to start a blog because I want to spread the idea of a low carb-ketogenic diet and what it can do for anyone but especially a diabetic.
Believe me when I say I have tried everything to stablize my blood sugars, eat healthy, and lose weight. I think I’m on the right track and blogging about my experience and what I’ve learned so far may be of help.

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